Relaxed Power: Release From Wrist Grab

Sometimes it’s a paradox that less is more. With this release from a wrist grab, it definitely works better the more relaxed you do it. The less strength and force you use, the better it works. This actually gives some advantages to women as men tend to rely of strength more than ladies do.

One thing that I didn’t quite explain in the video, is that when you have skin on skin contact (such as with a grab), any changes (such as one person tensing up) can be felt practically instantaneously by the other person. This is because the information is transmitted directly via the nervous system. It is quicker than seeing something happen, as there is a very small delay between the eye detecting a movement and that information being relayed to and recognised by the brain. This is why so many Chinese martial arts do “sticky hand” exercises as it trains and develops this sensitivity. Also, you can tense without actually moving, so the eyes might not notice, but the nervous system will straight away.

Anyway, I think the video will be self explanatory without me explaining it all here. If you find it useful please like, share and leave a comment below. Thank you.



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