4 free ebooks to Multiply your effectiveness with more impact for less effort and where to hit for best effect.

Putting The “Whip” Into Your Technique

Think of snapping a towel.  A flimsy piece of material but it can really hurt.  Now imagine using that same principle with your own body.

Breathing, Body Structure & Letting Go Of Tension

To achieve that whip like effect, you need to breathe correctly, correct body structure and body mechanics and you really have to let go of as much tension in your body as possible.

Ikken Hissatsu – One Hit, One Kill

High probability points to stop a powerful pain resistant opponent (drink, drugs, adrenaline) – (no – a kick in the b***s won’t always work)!

Bonus eBook:  Matsumura’s Bassai Dai

An historical look at the requirements behind one of Karate & Tang Soo Do’s most pivotal kata’s.

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