Hangetsu/Seishan Kata Bunkai

Here we take a look at one of the movements from Hangetsu kata (formally known as Seishan). Karate is usually looked at as being linear and Kung Fu as being predominantly circular. However, the technique that we look at below is performed in a circular manor in the kata, but when we look at similar Kung Fu movements, they are performed in a linear manner. As per usual, there is more in common than there is different.

Hangetsu / Seishan Karate Bunkai



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Bonus: Historical look at Bassai Dai, one of Karate’s most pivotal katas




2 thoughts on “Hangetsu/Seishan Kata Bunkai

  1. Hi Graham. It all goes to show how much overlap there is doesn’t it!
    I’ll look forward to seeing your video 🙂

  2. Groovy. This has given me an idea for a Tai Chi/XingYi video showing Tai Chi/XingYi versions of these same techniques. Watch this space!

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