The Best Way To Use Your Supporting Foot To Generate Power As You Step

Anyone who has followed BunkaiJutsu for a while will know that I’m a stickler for fine detail. Or as some people say, the devil in the detail!

When we train our basics we can focus a lot on detail and accuracy. But in the melee of a real confrontation with the pressure of somebody seriously trying to hurt you, plus the adrenaline kicking in which adversely affects fine motor control of your movement; it’s never going to be that tidy. So why do we try to be so accurate and precious in our basic movements when we know full well that we’ll never achieve that in real life?

Well lets just say that for the sake of argument that under pressure our technique is 50% efficient.

50% of a really fast, powerful and accurate technique is going to be a lot better than 50% of a weak, sloppy technique! So it’s really worth working on as arguably any improvement in a technique will only translate to 50% improvement in a real altercation! As we get more and more advanced, the level of detail required to improve technique becomes finer and finer.

In the video below, I look at how we use the foot as we step, in particular the supporting foot that stays on the ground throughout the step, not the one that actually steps forward. This foot supports the body weight, pushes us forward and has to turn as we complete the step and take up the stance on the opposite side of the body. It’s obvious how to use it, right! No it’s not, even a lot of black belts get it wrong. Many are not even aware of it and when it’s pointed out to them they know it’s wrong but didn’t realise that they were doing it.

Well I hope this video helps you, if so please leave your comments and feedback below. Thank you.





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