Wing Chun’s Chum Kiu

Following on from our last video on bunkai from the kata Nijushiho, Keith takes the lead and we take a look at similar applications from Wing Chun’s second form, Chum Kiu.

Usually we do things mainly from the Karate perspective and look at similar Kung Fu moves, but this time we start from the Kung Fu perspective (about time too). Sorry to all the Kung Fu people out there that its taken us so long to do it this way round, but Keith is a bit shyer in front of the camera than me. He’s not so shy in other ways, I would explain that this is not kind of blog 🙂



Multiply your effectiveness with more impact for less effort and where to hit for best effect.

Bonus: Historical look at Bassai Dai, one of Karate’s most pivotal katas




2 thoughts on “Wing Chun’s Chum Kiu

  1. Hi Chris
    The criticism of technique is not necessary, I’ve always been taught that martial arts should teach us respect for one and other. I consider learning humility and respect to be as important as learning combat techniques.
    As for the “very unorthodox interpretation of Wing Chun”; I do hope so 🙂
    It is when people are prepared to look at things in a different way that we can move forward and develop. You don’t have to agree with our interupations, but I hope you will respect them as we respect the rights of other martial artists to disagree.

  2. Between the leaning and bending, the weight towards the front, the uneven shoulders, and the chosen applications, this seem to be a very unorthodox interpretation of Wing Chun.

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