Kata Bunkai for Shorin Ryu Pinan Shodan (Heian Nidan)

This is something that has been discussed on my Facebook page before, but I wanted to go into more depth with it. Most traditional martial arts have been dumbed down. Karate applications (Kata bunkai) were dumbed down when the Okinawans decided to introduce it into their school system in the late nineteenth century. This dumbed down version was taught to the Japanese and from there to the Koreans. Continue reading “Kata Bunkai for Shorin Ryu Pinan Shodan (Heian Nidan)” »

Practical TaeKwonDo

Here are a couple of clips from Matthew Sylvester, author of the book, “Practical TaeKwonDo: Back To The Roots“.

In the first 2 clips, Matthew and his training partner are “freestyling” multiple applications to sequences from TaeKwonDo patterns. As you will you see, each sequence has multiple applications. In the last clip, Matthew focuses on multiple applications for the lower block, giving different applications for TKD and Karate chambering.

Matthew’s qualificatios are :

- 1st Dan Ao Denkou Jutsu
- Senior Instructor Instinctive Kenpo Fighting™
- Level 5 Practitioner Instinctive Kenpo Fighting™
- 3rd Dan Jung Shin Taekwondo
- 3rd Dan OKKO Karate Jutsu
- Level 3 Instructor Nigel Lee’s MEME
- 1st Dan Adam Merton’s Shunryu Kenpo
- 1st Dan Aikoushin Kobujutsu
- Instructor Family Awareness Safety Training
- Level 1 Instructor Jim Wagner’s RBPP
- UK Advisor Jim Wagner’s RBPP
- SIA Qualified Door Supervisor
- Qualified IFUMA Instructor in Chang Hon TKD

You can find out more about Matthew Sylvester at his Facebook page www.facebook.com/mjsylvester.