Practical TaeKwonDo

Here are a couple of clips from Matthew Sylvester, author of the book, “Practical TaeKwonDo: Back To The Roots“.

In the first 2 clips, Matthew and his training partner are “freestyling” multiple applications to sequences from TaeKwonDo patterns. As you will you see, each sequence has multiple applications. In the last clip, Matthew focuses on multiple applications for the lower block, giving different applications for TKD and Karate chambering.

Matthew’s qualificatios are :

- 1st Dan Ao Denkou Jutsu
- Senior Instructor Instinctive Kenpo Fighting™
- Level 5 Practitioner Instinctive Kenpo Fighting™
- 3rd Dan Jung Shin Taekwondo
- 3rd Dan OKKO Karate Jutsu
- Level 3 Instructor Nigel Lee’s MEME
- 1st Dan Adam Merton’s Shunryu Kenpo
- 1st Dan Aikoushin Kobujutsu
- Instructor Family Awareness Safety Training
- Level 1 Instructor Jim Wagner’s RBPP
- UK Advisor Jim Wagner’s RBPP
- SIA Qualified Door Supervisor
- Qualified IFUMA Instructor in Chang Hon TKD

You can find out more about Matthew Sylvester at his Facebook page

Iain Abernethy - Bunkai

To start up a blog like this, you can’t get more authoritative then Iain Abernethy. Iain specialises in grappling bunkai. Although he is primarily a Wado Ryu Karate stylist, he teaches in a way that it can translate to any style and he takes this into account when teaching.

Iain is a 5th Dan with both the British Combat Association (one of the world’s leading groups for close-quarter combat, self-protection and practical martial arts) and Karate England (the official governing body for Karate in England). He is in demand all over the World and has a good reputation for being open, approachable and extremely informative.

Here are a few Youtube clips.

To find out more about Iain, visit his website at

Iain has written a number of books and DVDs on the subject of bunkai. In fact this blog takes its name from his book and DVD series entitled “Bunkai Jutsu”; which I can thoroughly recommend. Iain also regular writes articles for the top martial arts magazines.