5 Reasons Why There Is NO “Best Martial Art”

So often you see articles along the lines of “the 5 most effective/best ever martial arts”! Of course you can read a dozen such articles and they’ll all disagree over which martial art they think it is best and their reason’s why. It all comes down to individual prejudice and matter of opinion. I’ve seen some say styles like Krav Maga are best as they are reality based whilst many of the others do sport; whilst other deride Krav Maga as they don’t do sparring and pressure test that way. I’ve seen MMA criticise traditional martial arts as they don’t tend to do too well in cage fights; whilst traditional martial artists argue that cage fighting is a sport with lots of rules, which is obviously not how it happens in the street. And so the opinions (rather than facts) carry on and on! I will admit, I sometimes read them for amusement but the reality is, there is no such thing as one overall best martial art. There is only, what’s the best martial art for a given individual. Continue reading “5 Reasons Why There Is NO “Best Martial Art”” »