Womens Self Defense: Why It’s Different For Women

Women’s self defence requires extra considerations to men’s self defence. Sometimes they will face the same issues as a man, such as mugging or possibly a same sex fight. But with women there is of course the issue of sexual predators which is not usually a consideration for men! For men, it is most likely to be either a mugging or a dominance fight (“macho” men trying to show who is toughest). Dominance fights do occur between women, but are far less common.

So what different considerations would you need for a sexual attack?

Firstly, it will be of course be very close quarters. Many dominance fights can be close quarters, but they tend to go for head locks and controlling limbs. With a sexual attacks, the attacker will more likely be trying to pull his victim front of torso to front of torso. He will also most likely try to get her on back. Either way, there will be little room
for strikes and kicks will be next to impossible.

People often say, “just kick/knee them in the b**ls”! Easier said then done. Firstly, the attacker will be aware of this counter, so he is not going to make it easy. Secondly, he will be trying to get his legs between hers to pry her legs open; if he succeeds then so the opportunity for this kind of counter will be impossible.

Obviously if a woman can use a pre-emptive strike to a vulnerable target before it gets to that stage, she may be able to get out of the whole situation much earlier. But assuming that for whatever reason that a good pre-emptive strike has not happened or has not been successful, and the attacker has his victim on her back and is on top of her; what options are left open to her?

Should a woman actually end up in this highly vulnerable position, the best bet is to use hands to vulnerable targets like eyes, ears, temples etc. The attacker may well try and force kisses on her in which case she could bite his face. Instinct is always going to tell a woman to pull her head back away from the attacker and that is what he will be expecting. But if she does the opposite and thrusts her head forward for a bite, she could catch him off guard. Rather than just biting and letting go, if she can secure a grip with her teeth and hold on, they she can cause a lot of high level prolonged pain. Bites are often under rated in self defence.

It may make him more angry, but enough pain will distract him from his sexual desires. It will also make him the one who pulls back, giving openings for elbow or palm heal strikes and possibly a window to escape!

Another strategy is to appear to give in and co-operate. It will be counter instinctive as every fibre of the women’s body will be one of disgust to allow the attacker to touch her private parts. But this could take him off guard allowing her the opportunity to counter when he least expects it.

I did hear a story of a lady who was attacked by a rapist. After an initial fight which she was losing, she said something to the effect of “OK, OK, if we’re going to do this, lets do it properly and stop the fighting”. The guy relaxed thinking he had won. She then started fondling him. She then squeezed his testicles very very tightly. She was able to escape leaving the guy in a crumpled heap.

It takes a lot of courage to attempt that as well as having to overcome your own feelings of nausea; but it can be very effective. In the heat of the moment and with adrenalin limiting the brains normal functions, many strategies and ideas can be forgotten about; so it will help to drill these tactics under some kind of pressure.

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