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Kata Bunkai for Nujishiho (Niseishi) Part 3

Another look at applications for the one of the sequences of the Karate kata Nujishiho/Niseishi Continue reading

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Kata Bunkai For Nijushiho/Niseishi Part 2

Towards the end of Nijushiho kata, there is an unusual sequence which the more you examine it, the more it doesn’t make sense . . . . . at first. Have a look at how we uncover it’s secrets. Continue reading

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Bunkai For Nijushiho (Niseishi)

Here we look at the opening sequence of the kata Nijushiho (also known as Niseishi). In Shotokan in particular the usual interprutation of the slow forward moving “elbow strike” is that it applies an armlock under the opponents elbow by applying upward pressure. However, it seems to work much better if you apply the armlock across your chest. Have a look at the video and see what we mean. Continue reading

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