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New Martial Arts Blog: PhaseShifting

New blog for martial artists who are into reality based self protection and practical martial arts. Continue reading

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Diaphragmatic Breathing In Martial Arts

Diaphragmatic breathing is used in karate, kung fu, tai chi, taekwondo and other traditional martial arts. However, many martial artists do not completely realise the full extent of its importance. Find out how it actually helps us on a number of different levels. Continue reading

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Engage Your Opponents Brain To Increase Their Vulnerability

As you get psyched up, higher brain functions close down and you rely more on the lower, more primitive part of the brain to prepare you for combat. If you can induce an aggressors higher brain functions to kick back in you can interfere with their mental preparation for a fight! Continue reading

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Martial Arts Marketing: How to grow your business By Graham Butcher

Advice on how to grow a martial arts business, by Graham Butcher Continue reading

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Mind Like The Moon & Mind Like Water

Mind like the moon and mind like water are phrases that you come across from time to time in martial arts and although the meaning is often described, it is seldom explained how to achieve achieve these states. Continue reading

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