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“Sinking” In Your Stance At The End Of A Technique

In many traditional martial arts we are taught to “sink” into our stance. But why do we do it? Why do so many people struggle with it? And how can we make it easier for ourselves? Continue reading

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New Year Message From Sensei Paul Mitchell

Although this message was originally intended by Sensei Paul Mitchell for just his own club, I think his words are worth sharing wider afield. Continue reading

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Do Our Training Methods Damage Our Bodies?

It is often said that training in Karate (and other martial arts) is good for our health. But is it? Can some methods be bad for our bodies?
Well some training methods can be bad, so it is wise to look around before deciding on who to train with. Find out more. Continue reading

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What Are The Differences Between Kung Fu & Karate?

Many people compare the Karate and Kung Fu, but don’t really understand the differences. Here’s your chance to get a better understanding of these two great systems. Continue reading

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The True Purpose Of Makawara Training & A Review

Many people believe that the main purpose of makawawa training in Karate is to harden the knuckles. Whilst it does obviously do this, this is a secondary function. It has much more to do with correct alignment and body structure than most people ever imaged. Find out more here. Continue reading

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