How To Tie A Karate Belt

There are 2 main ways to tie a Karate belt.  There’s a traditional way and a more modern way.  The actual knot is the same in both cases, but the way that the belt is wrapped around the body is slightly different.  Looking on Youtube, I note that Judo and Ju Jutsu practitioners tie their belts the same as Karate’s traditional way; so this would appear to be a general Japanese way of doing things.

I’m guessing, but I think the more modern way has come across from Tae Kwon Do as you can also see on Youtube that they do it this way.  It is actually a little bit neater, but the choice is yours and it doesn’t really matter.

So here it is in the video below.  Enjoy:

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True Martial Arts Spirit . . . . And He’s Only 11!

I came across this story by chance in a local paper.  It was just so awesome that it had to be shared.  Next time you feel too tired to train, or think you’d rather watch the telly instead, think of this young lad from the Bath TKD club.  This is where the grown ups can really learn from the kids.

The following is copied from the Bath Chronicle On-Line paper: Read more

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