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Bunkai Jutsu DVD’s Now Available As Downloads

My 2 DVD’s, INSIDE BASSAI DAI (kata and bunkai) and 10 KICKING TIPS (principles for better kicking) are now available for download, making them much cheaper and quicker to obtain. Find out what Geoff Thompson and Shihan Kousaku Yokota 8th Dan Shotokan Karate (and others) had so say about them. Continue reading

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Christmas 2 For 1 DVD Offer: Only On Amazon

When you buy the DVD “Inside Bassai Dai” about Bassai Dai and it’s bunkai, you get a FREE DVD, “10 Kicking Tips”. Continue reading

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10 FREE iTune App Downloads To Give Away: Practical Karate - Realistic Street Bunkai

As a promotion for a new iTune App, Apple are giving away 10 promotional codes so that the first 10 people who apply can get a FREE download. Find out more. Continue reading

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