Gojushiho Sho – Kata and Bunkai

For anybody interested in realistic and effective kata bunkai (and close enough as I know that many readers are in other countries), Sensei Paul Mitchell (my former instructor) will be holding a kata and bunkai course on Sunday 6th February.  This is open to practitioners of any style of Karate or TKD as long as they are above 4th Kyu/Kup.

The first section will break down the kata Gojushiho Sho and its form (from a Shotokan perspective).  The second half will look at the kata bunkai (practical applications).  Sensei Mitchell is an expert at karate bunkai and an acknowledged authority within the Traditional Shotokan Karate Association.

I have posted previously about Sensei Mitchell’s kata bunkai courses, so you can CLICK HERE to see how he teaches and the type of advanced kata bunkai he teaches.

This course is highly recommended to anybody who can make it.

Details are as follows:

Time:  11.00 to 2.30pm.
Location: Wells Blue Sports Centre, Kennion Road, Wells, Somerset BA5 2NR.
Cost:   Adults £12.00, Juniors £10.00.

A light lunch will be provided, so if you intend to attend, please let Sensei Mitchell know in advance.  You can email him at: shotokankaratewells@hotmail.co.uk

Full details are on the Wells Shotokan Karate Club website.

Re-Structuring The Site

You may have noticed that I’ve changed things around a bit on this site. Previously, I had offered 2 free bonus videos for anybody joining the newsletter.  However, I felt that these video bonuses were, to be honest, a little bit random.  Also, being filmed in my living room with a radiator in the background, I did not feel that they were very professional looking and that you deserved better.

So what I’ve done is re-structure the bonuses into a 5 part course on How To Become Good At Bunkai.  I thought, why do people come to a site like this in the first place?  The answer seemed obvious, it’s because they are interested in bunkai and want to learn more.  So I thought, how can I help these people and add value for them.  The best way I could think of was to help teach people to work out bunkai for themselves.  Too often, people rely on others to teach them as they either lack confidence to work out bunkai, or they feel that they do not have the right.  This is restrictive thinking.

Also, depending on others to teach you can be a bit restrictive, depending on who you train with.  But if you can learn to work them out for yourself, then there are no limits to how much you can learn.  But you need a certain amount of base knowledge first, as much of it is done by “read across”.  The more you learn, the more you are able to work out for yourself.  So if you haven’t already signed up for the newsletter, then please do.  You’ll get 5 free classes teaching you how to work out bunkai for yourself, plus one surprise bonus video.