Coming Up: Goju Ryu And Shotokan Kata Bunkai, Plus The 5th Bunkai Bash!

Two great event coming up this month. Sadly I can’t attend either as I have a very busy month ahead 🙁

Firstly, John Johnston, 7th Dan Shotokan and Max Beddow, 5th Dan Goju Ryu get together for a joint seminar on Saturday 8th July. All the details are on the poster below so I won’t repeat them here, other than to say that I always like to see different styles train and share together.

What I think is going to be interesting is that these are probably THE two most influential styles within all Karate and even Taekwondo. Most styles of Karate and Taekwondo have either Shotokan or Goju Ryu in their lineage (or both). With so many changes made to so many styles by people who had no idea of what the original intentions and applications were, I always think that it’s good to look at your roots and get closer to the original source!

Secondly, there is Andi Kidd’s 5th instalment of the highly successful Bunkai Bash. This is a camping weekend with outdoor training and extremely cost effective! 15 hours training over 3 days, with 9 very knowledgable instructors; all in a very relaxed, informal, jovial, yet no nonsense approach to martial arts and real world self protection. Oh yes, and a BBQ!

Most instructors are from a Karate background, but they always have at least one guest instructor from another style to give another perspective. All details on poster below.

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