Take Your Martial Art To The Next Level With:
✓   More Impact For Less Effort
✓   Increased Power By Properly Engaging Your Core
✓   Best Fight Finishing Points
(And Much More)


Many traditional martial arts have been dumbed down for numerous political/social
reasons, conversion into sport & to increase class size ($$$’s).  I’m here to help serious
martial artists attain a more complete understanding and experience of the art that they love.

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Whip-like impact & most reliable fight finishers
  • Multiply your impact for less effort
  • Correct breathing to move faster
  • Letting go of tension of conserve energy
  • Best knock out points for pain-resistant opponent (drunk/high/adrenalised)
  • Level the playing field with larger stronger attackers

“Shotokan has always been my base system, so it was fascinating for me to watch the Charlie Wildish DVD on Bassai Dai, and come away with so much new information about this powerful kata and its origins. I particularly like the historical element about Sokon Matsumura (who created the kata) and how, when & why he created the “grappling kata”. I got a lot from this DVD and highly recommend it”.
Geoff Thompson: 7th Dan, co-founder of the British Combat Association, author of 34 books, 5 multi award winning films and BAFTA winner.

“Over the holidays I had a very pleasant experience watching on Shotokan bunkai DVD. It is called Inside Bassai Dai created by Sensei Charlie Wildish, UK. I found the bunkai in it to be realistic and easy to learn. He demonstrates how some of the techniques are applied. I was particularly pleased to see the application for the double uchi uke (inside forearm blocks). He interprets them as a uke followed by a uraken”.
Shihan Kousaku Yokota: 8th Dan Shotokan Karate & Author.

“Imaginative, practical and effective bunkai applications presented in a refreshingly relaxed manner. It’s as simple as ABC!”
Rob Jones: 5th Dan Shotokai Karate.

“This DVD is a must for any true Karateka who is interested in uncovering the essence of Bunkai and understanding the true meaning of of kata”
Mark Winkler: 6th Dan Wado Ryu Karate and qualified Systema Instructor.