Who The F*** You Looking At? (Part 2)

Following on from Part 1, many people will tell you that fighting is more mental than physical and that is especially true of the pre-fight build-up as discussed in Part 1. The aggressor shouts, swears and threatens to intimidate you and take away your will to fight. At the same time, he is building himself up and preparing himself for his assault. It is at this stage that fights are very often won or lost, before any blows are exchanged. This is why (as previously mentioned) I think it a good idea for people to do some kind of scenario/adrenaline training fairly early in their martial arts training.

Traditional martial arts do however have some built in factors to deal with the effects adrenaline, albeit a much longer route. Read more

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Who The F*** You Looking At? (Part 1)

More and more these days, people are talking about the effects of adrenaline during a fight and/or fight build up and a number of training programs have been built up around it. But should traditional martial arts alone be enough to prepare us for the effects of adrenaline and what did the masters of old do about it?

For the sake of this article, I will focus on an average thug, trying to pick a fight with you, rather than a professional mugger/rapist, whose tactics may be a bit more slick. From the moment that somebody starts to pick a fight with you, and enquiries of you with great verbal eloquence and dexterity, “who the f*** you looking at”, what are the effects of adrenaline that you can expect to experience? Well this will vary from person to person, especially if you compare somebody who is an experienced street fighter against somebody who is not. Read more

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