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Bonus: Historical look at Bassai Dai, one of Karate’s most pivotal kata

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Demonstrating kata bunkai
To understand Bassai Sho Kata bunkai properly, it helps to understand the threat that they faced, which might not be
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Does your martial art really work in a street fight? This post looks at some of the different approaches to
Karate girl doing knife hand block
Different styles move their hips in different ways for certain leading hand techniques. Find out the pros and cons of the
Brian Bates performing kata
Kata bunkai expert, Brian Bates, 4th Dan on Tekki/Naihanchi Karate kata bunkai with a partner and pads
Man carrying knife approaching a woman
Make yourself a harder target for predators focusing on special considerations for women & why victims of sexual abuse often
Women on mobile phone as man approaches
How do human predators select their victims? And how can you "target harden" yourself to reduce the chances of being


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“Many traditional martial arts have been really dumbed down from their original philosophical, spiritual & combative emphasis for political and social reasons as well as conversion into sport. I aim to make one of the best resource on the Internet to help serious martial artists attain a deeper, more holistic understanding so that they can have a more complete experience of the art they love”.

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