“Whip” Like Impact & The Most Reliable Fight Finishers


✓ Multiply your impact for less effort
✓ Correct breathing to move faster
✓ Letting go of tension to conserve energy
✓ Why good structure requires less strength
✓ Best knock out points for pain-resistant opponent (drunk/high/adrenalised)
✓ Level the playing field with larger stronger attackers
Bonus: Historical look at Bassai Dai, one of Karate’s most pivotal kata

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Charlie Wildish“Bunkai” is often taken to mean application, but is more literally translated as “analysis”. “Jutsu” means “method”. Many traditional martial arts have been dumbed down for numerous political/social reasons as well as conversion into sport. I’m here to help serious martial artists attain a more complete understanding and experience of the art that they love.

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