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Bonus: Historical look at Bassai Dai, one of Karate’s most pivotal kata

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Rob Jones kneeling
Interview With Rob Jones, 5th Dan Karate (Shotokai based) & Founder Of Zenshin Dojo
Karate man sitting cross legged
Meditation develops the mind. It better connects the conscious and sub conscious minds, enabling better instincts and intuition to develop.
Breathing for Karate
Most martial artists know that they should breath from the diaphragm, but here's an exercise to isolate the diaphragm more
Instruction on rotating hips in martial arts
Martial art techniques rotate the hips to transfer the body weight to the strike. We look at enhancing that by
Stretching out a bungee cord
Learning to engage the fascial system in your arms to increase speed and power.
Man preparing to punch
A very simple exercise to teach you to shoot your hand out and back very fast so as to improve


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“Many traditional martial arts have been really dumbed down from their original philosophical, spiritual & combative emphasis for political and social reasons as well as conversion into sport. I aim to make one of the best resource on the Internet to help serious martial artists attain a deeper, more holistic understanding so that they can have a more complete experience of the art they love”.

Charlie Wildish