Kata Bunkai for Nujishiho (Niseishi) Part 3

In the last video Keith I posted on this blog, we looked at the rather odd sequence near the end of kata Nujishiho (Niseishi), where the movements do not fit the usual way of generating power in Karate (or at least, not the Shotokan way of doing this kata) and the chambering position of the reaction hand is unusual too. If you haven’t seen that post, then it might make more sense to read that one first, then come back to this one.

I had planed to show 2 applications to that sequence in the last post, but my SD card on my camera maxed out and I could only get the one application. So here is the second one that I had wanted to show you.

I know that some other styles do this kata differently, so please tell us about it and let us know if you think this would work for your version.

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[Nujishiho bunkai]

By Charlie Wildish 3rd Dan Shotokan Karate and Lotus Nei Gong Tai Chi and Keith Cormack, Wing Chun instructor, Choi Lee Fut and Shaolin.

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3 Responses to Kata Bunkai for Nujishiho (Niseishi) Part 3

  1. Hi Tater
    Thank you for your kind words. Unfortunately many people have never been taught that side of it, so they are unable to teach it. Out of curiosity, what style do you do?

  2. I’ve been getting your links off Striking Thoughts and I really love what you’re doing here. I’ve never seen folks take about kata/hyung before. We don’t do a lot of analysis of our moves and the absolute minimum of bunkai so your investigations are wonderful.

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