Bleeding Edge: New FREE On-Line Magazine

There is a new FREE on-line martial arts magazine called “The Bleeding Edge”, which covers traditional martial arts, sports/MMA, boxing and more. Their first edition was October 2010 and their second edition has just been released today.

If you have a look at the cover (right) you can see a little picture of me (looking a little bit like a ghost) in my white Karate pyjamas doing a pose from the kata Bassai Dai, as I have an article in this months issue.

I was very pleased when they accepted my article. However, being a new magazine they are actually looking for new writers. So if you are confident in your writing ability and you want to promote your club/style/system/association/M.A. business (etc); then I would suggest that this is a good time to make a contact with them. The owners are very ambitious and are looking to become very big and influential in the martial arts world. Sometimes it is hard to get a look in with a long established magazine which already has its regular contributors, so getting in early and forming a relationship now could be a good move for your business.

You can check out the magazine at either: OR

Don’t forget to check out my article :)

By Charlie Wildish, 3 Dan Shotokan Karate and Lotus Nei Gong Tai Chi.

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