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If you have some interesting realistic Bunkai (applications), or even some insights about kata/bunkai that you would like to submit, please share them with our on-line community. If in any doubt about that content that you are considering submitting, then just ask yourself the following question:

Can other people learn from it and use it in a practical manner?

If the answer is, “yes”, then please submit it.

You can either:

  • Submit an article (with photo’s where appropriate).
  • Film your bunkai, put it on Youtube, and submit the link with any relevant covering notes (style, kata/form/pattern, etc).

Please use the “Comment” box below. Let me know if you need to submit photo’s, and I will get back to you.

Remember to include any links (to your club, association, blog, whatever) that you would like us to link back to you with.

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4 Responses to Share With Us

  1. Hi Bob

    I think the book you’re after is Shotokan Myths. Here’s the link to the posting:

    As for Shotokan’s Secrets, I think you’ll love it. It’s the only book I’ve ever read right through twice and it changed a lot of my perspectives.

    Best Regards


  2. Bob Patterson

    Hi Charlie,

    A while back you posted about a book on Shotokan. What was the title? I need to add it to my reading list. FYI I just ordered “Shotokan’s Secrets.” I don’t think that was the book you referred to.



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  4. paul mitchell

    as a martial artist with about 30years experience and at present charlies teacher,i have a great interest in fact i think that form without function is dancing[generally badly]But in my humble opinion applications of our forms are only a stage in our development….has to be studied,very interesting,brings our art to life,but is only a stage TRUE MARTIAL ARTS ARE ABOUT MASTERY OF THE SELF we sould not forget this .cheers paul

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