Inside Bassai Dai

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*   Totally unique Kung Fu & Karate expert perspectives
*   Large range of different strikes
*   Includes throws/takedowns, joint locks, restraints, escapes from restraints/holds and more
*   Best points to stop a pain resistant attacker (due to alcohol, drugs or adrenaline)
*   Close quarters combat (not competition techniques)
*   Historical background for added perspective

By Charlie Wildish & Keith McKay Cormack

(MP4 Format)


Karate is largely based on Kung Fu; it even used to be called China-Hand.  So naturally, when I get together to with my long standing friend, Kung Fu Sifu Keith McKay Cormack; we often compare ideas and cross reference movements that are similar in our different styles.  Every time I learnt some application from him, I made it a practice to look at my Karate kata’s to see if we had the same movement.  Most of the time we did; so almost everything I learnt from Kung Ku would enhance my own Karate knowledge.  I wasn’t just learning another style, I was learning more about my own primary style of Karate.

So when I decided to make the Download Inside Bassai Dai, it was only logical to invite my friend Keith to work with me.  The result download, Inside Bassai Dai is a set of bunkai which contains the best insights and principles from 2 different systems.

Considering Karate is normally regarded as a long range fighting system of strikes, blocks and kicks; you may be quite surprised to find out how much of this actually turns out to be close range; including throws, locks, restraints, escapes, vulnerable points and more.


Note:    If you get the 10 Kicking Tips Download at the same time, you get a $10 discount over buying them separately 

14 reviews for Inside Bassai Dai

  1. joan

    This is one of my favourite of the shotokan Katas.very well explained and some very interesting ideas.

  2. James Harvey (verified owner)

    Incredibly practical instructrual video beginners and battle hardened practitioners – highly recommend you take a look. Its often the smallest things that make the biggest difference to your training. Those light bulb moments that change years of thinking. This video has plenty of these helpul pointers. Dont take my word for it take a look.

  3. Paul H (verified owner)

    This is great teaching material. Sensei Charlie sets the contextual background and history to this kata, as it is the brown and black belt kata in most Shotokan syllabi. Context is that information which allows other information to make sense. This is exactly what this does. To seriously study karate the student will spend a lot of time on Kata, to learn it without understanding it would be a waste of time. This will enlighten, contextualize and illuminate this major milestone kata, teaching the student to fully understand and apply the movement in it. I cannot emphasise the importance of this enough. A good buy and a great resource.

  4. Vaughan

    Excellent product! Superb teaching and clinical analysis of each movement in the Kata. The history of the Kata is wonderful in detail too. So grab it while you can! It is not expensive to download. Paying for Charlie Wildish to come and give you a live seminar would cost a small fortune. This dvd download can save you money and can be revisited time and again.

  5. dawn ashman

    I got a copy of this DVD when I was going to take my black belt grading to better understand Bassai Dai, it gave me a much better understanding of why the various moves were put together. I found it really interesting and a great help to getting my black belt 1st dan.

  6. Malcolm King (verified owner)

    This is the level of Bunkai that I prefer and is a lot closer to the original intent rather than some long range defense against unlikely attacks, the techniques here are much more realistic and can be applied against common attacks, they are still relevant in today’s society and look to release from a grab while hurting the attacker. The video is very well put together and easy to follow, it could easily be used for several hours of Dojo training if you are a Sensei or to gain a massive insight into the actual principles and techniques of this great Kata

  7. Colin Wee

    I know Charlie Wildish to be a longtime, serious and passionate martial art instructor. Through his blog and from his various projects you can see he has invested a lot of time researching and understanding his martial art. I can only heartily congratulate him for putting his heart into his work.

    Best Wishes,

    Colin Wee 6th Dan
    Joong Do Kwan
    Perth, Western Australia

  8. admin (verified owner)

    “I have looked at both DVDs [Inside Bassai Dai & 10 Kicking Tips] and they look quite instructive with a comprehensive overview and in depth look at Kata Bunkai.  I fully endorse their publication for the discerning Karate student”.
    Arthur Wallace:  6th Dan Shotokan Karate.

  9. admin (verified owner)

    Matt Apsokardu:  4th Dan Okinawan Kenpo Karate“This video is unpretentious, straight forward, and focused on content instead of flashiness.  As such I feel it does justice to the spirit of Karate”
    Matt Apsokardu:  4th Dan Okinawan Kenpo Karate.

  10. admin (verified owner)

    Mark Winkler, 6th dan Wado Ryu Karate and Systema master“This DVD is a must for any true Karateka who is interested in uncovering the essence of Bunkai and understanding the true meaning of of kata”
    Mark Winkler:  6th Dan Wado Ryu Karate and qualified Systema Instructor.

  11. admin (verified owner)

    Rob Jones, 5th dan shotokai karate“Imaginative, practical and effective bunkai applications presented in a refreshingly relaxed manner.  It’s as simple as ABC!”
    Rob Jones:  5th Dan Shotokai Karate.

  12. admin (verified owner)

    Kevin O'Hagan, Combat Ju Jutsu and reality based martial arts“This DVD delivers a down to earth and realistic look at the often misunderstood Kata of Karate.  Simple to follow and easy to understand.  It is great to see Charlie Wildish incorporating my ABC system of manstoppers in his Karate.  It is a must have principle for any serious combat martial artist.  Good work Charlie”
    Kevin O’Hagan:  7th Dan Combat Ju Jutsu & 7th Dan British Combat Association

  13. admin (verified owner)

    Geoff Thompson with focus mitts“Shotokan has always been my base system, so it was fascinating for me to watch the Charlie Wildish DVD on Bassai Dai, and come away with so much new information about this powerful kata and its origins.  I particularly like the historical element about Sokon Matsumura (who created the kata) and how, when & why he created the “grappling kata”.  I got a lot from this DVD and highly recommend it”.

    Geoff Thompson:  7th Dan, co-founder of the British Combat Association, author of 34 books, 5 multi award winning films and BAFTA winner.

  14. admin (verified owner)

    “Over the holidays I had a very pleasant experience watching on Shotokan bunkai DVD.  It is called Inside Bassai Dai created by Sensei Charlie Wildish, UK.  I found the bunkai in it to be realistic and easy to learn.  He demonstrates how some of the techniques are applied.  I was particularly pleased to see the application for the double uchi uke (inside forearm blocks).  He interprets them as a uke followed by a uraken”.
    Shihan Kousaku Yokota:  8th Dan Shotokan Karate & Author.

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