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Bonus: Historical look at Bassai Dai, one of Karate’s most pivotal kata

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Master Soken Matsumura
Karate is largely based on Kung Fu. However, most Kung Fu is circular whilst Karate has become linear. Find out
Pulling head down and striking it
The most commonly used technique in Karate, Tae Kwon D0, Tang Soo Do and many styles of Kung Fu, is
Bunkai for Soto Uke (outside block)
Karate is based largely on Kung Fu. Here we look at some application for Soto Uke (Outside Block) along with
Karate kata bunkai from Heian Nidan
Here we look at applications form the opening sequence of the kata/pattern Heian Nidan/Pinan Shodan/Won Hyo. We also look at
Poster for Manstoppers seminar
Kevin O'Hagan's training reads like a who's who of reality martial arts. Soon he will be teaching and open course
Karate man doing soto uke outside block
Karate, TaeKwonDo and Tang Soo Do practioners have for many years practiced what we know as an "outside block". However,


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“Many traditional martial arts have been really dumbed down from their original philosophical, spiritual & combative emphasis for political and social reasons as well as conversion into sport. I aim to make one of the best resource on the Internet to help serious martial artists attain a deeper, more holistic understanding so that they can have a more complete experience of the art they love”.

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