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10 Kicking Tips

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principles of movement and body mechanics that allow you to kick with more speed & power for less effort  

  • Being principle based it applies to any style
  • Will help you get kicks higher, even if you’re not very flexible
  • Will improve balance
  • Less strain on knee & hip joints

By Charlie Wildish

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You will learn body mechanics and principles of movement that will make your kicks faster and more powerful for less physical effort.  It’s all about efficiency of movement.  Once these principles are understood and incorporated into your training, they can be applied to most kicks in any martial art.  

So many people kick almost correctly, but in a way that will damage their joints over time.  Sometimes just a very minor adjustment in how you actually kick can not only make you more effective, but can stop you from accumulating joint damage over the years.  Trust me, things you get away with when you’re young can come back and haunt you when you’re a bit older.  And if you are a little bit older (and possibly have some joint pains) you really need to look very closely at what you’re doing to make sure that you can keep on training for as long as possible.

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9 reviews for 10 Kicking Tips

  1. admin (verified owner)

    Geoff Thompson with focus mitts
    “I thought you kicking DVD was very good too.  You presented well and the info was strong”
    Geoff Thompson:  7th Dan, co-founder of the British Combat Association, author of 34 books, 5 multi award winning films and BAFTA winner.

  2. admin (verified owner)

    Robert Jones, 5th dan shotokai karate“Well explained simple adjustments to improve kicking techniques.  Top tips for intermediate and advanced karate-ka”.
    Rob Jones:  5th Dan Shotokai Karate.

  3. admin (verified owner)

    Matt Apsokardu:  4th Dan Okinawan Kenpo Karate & Kobudo“I was also able to check out Wildish’s “10 Kicking Tips”, which guides the viewers not through specific kicks, but through some of the basic physics and ideas that make kicking effective.  This DVD was also an ejoyable watch, especially as Wildish describes way in which kicks can be thrown in a true straight line.
    The procedures used in these DVD’s are sound fundamentally and can be relied upon to elicit positive results”.
    Matt Apsokardu:  4th Dan Okinawan Kenpo Karate & Kobudo.

  4. admin (verified owner)

    Arthur Wallace 6th dan shotokan karate“I have looked at both DVDs [Inside Bassai Dai & 10 Kicking Tips] and they look quite instructive with a comprehensive overview and in depth look at Kata Bunkai.  I fully endorse their publication for the discerning Karate student”.
    Arthur Wallace:  6th Dan Shotokan Karate.

  5. Malcolm King (verified owner)

    Very good techniques, quick to iron out any bad habits and helps to maximize the force behind a good kick, also picked up some excellent tips on how to help students perfect their kicks quicker and enhance their training

  6. Paul H (verified owner)

    Charlie breaks things down to teach good habits and technique from the start. It is really good for beginners starting, learn correctly from the start. It is also really good for advanced students. I have found it a really good revision and has helped me to go back over kicks and straighten out my bad habits to improve my kicks.

  7. James Harvey (verified owner)

    As a huge fan of kicking from Kung fu, TKD and Karate experience…this video is a must see. Small changes = big differences. Most foward thinking martial artists have that deep desire to constantly improve your technique. Highly recommend this video to help improve your kicking with very little effort.

  8. Rob

    Very good analysis of how to deliver an effective kick. The mechanics of kicking are broken down so we can understand how and why we do certain movements in a particular way. I will be refering back to this again, and again, to check that my kicking techniques are improving.

  9. Joan

    Excellent tips. Very good and simple to follow. Have helped tremendously with my young karate Ka

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