10 Kicking Tips

The 10 Kicking Tips DVD is for anybody who wants their kicks to be faster, higher, more powerful, or just want to perform them without as much joint pain. It looks at the principles of body movement and body mechanics behind the kicks rather than focusing on the techniques themselves. Once the principles are better understood, they can be integrated to improve your kicking ability and performance (regardless of style), even if you lack flexibility or have a few joint problems. Perhaps especially if you lack flexibility or have joint problems.

I have strong and flexible hips, but have a weakness in my knees. This comes primarily from fallen arches in my feet, which affected the structure of my legs, culminating in a “grinding” feeling in my knees at times. Concentrating on these principles contained in this DVD will not cure your body, but it will minimise the pain that you feel and assist preventing further joint damage from your training. At 48 years young, I can still kick higher and faster than most of the young black belts in my club.

If you buy Inside Bassai Dai then you will receive 10 Kicking Tips (valued at £15.00) for FREE.

“I thought your kicking DVD was very good too. You presented well and the info was strong”.
Geoff Thompson: 6th Dan, co-founder of the British Combat Association, author of 34 books & 5 multi-award-winning films

“Well explained simple adjustments to improve kicking techniques. Top tips for intermediate and advanced karate-ka”.
Rob Jones: 5th Dan Shotokai Karate.

“I have looked at both DVD’s and they look quite instructive with a comprehensive overview and in depth look at Kata Bunkai. I fully endorse their publication for the discerning karate student”.
Arthur Wallace: 6th Dan Shotokan Karate.

“As a bonus I was also able to check out Wildish’s “10 Kicking Tips”, which guides the viewer not through specific kicks, but through some of the basic physics and ideas that make kicking effective. This DVD was also an enjoyable watch, especially as Wildish described ways in which kicks can be thrown in a true straight line”.
“The procedures used in these DVDs are sound fundamentally and can be relied upon to elicit positive results”.
Matt Apsokardu: 4th Dan Okinawan Kenpo Karate.


If your DVD does not reach you in perfect working order, simply return it and I will give you a no-quibble refund straight away.


10 Kicking Tip: £15.00
(+ £1.50 package and post)

DON’T FORGET: This DVD is FREE when you buy Inside Bassai Dai.




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