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“Shotokan has always been my base system, so it was fascinating for me to watch the Charlie Wildish DVD on Bassai Dai, and come away with so much new information about this powerful kata and its origins. I particularly like the historical element about Sokon Matsumura (who created the kata) and how, when & why he created the “grappling kata”. I got a lot from this DVD and highly recommend it”.
Geoff Thompson: 6th Dan, co-founder of the British Combat Association, author of 34 books & 5 multi-award-winning films

Inside Bassai Dai is for traditional martial artists who want to train for realistic self defence. It teaches realistic practical applications (bunkai) to defend against common street assaults like grabs, throttles, hay-makers that you might expect in real street self defence scenario’s. Easy to follow step by step instructions, even if you have never practiced grab releases, escapes from holds/chokes, or close quarter strikes before.

“Imaginative, practical and effective bunkai applications presented in a refreshingly relaxed manner. It’s as simple as ABC!”
Rob Jones: 5th Dan Shotokai Karate.

“This DVD is a must for any true Karateka who is interested in uncovering the essence of Bunkai , and understanding the true meaning of Kata”.
Mark Winkler: 6th Dan Wado Ryu Karate, Qualified Systema Instructor.

“This video is unpretentious, straight forward, and focused on content instead of flashiness. As such I feel it does justice to the spirit of Karate.
Matt Apsokardu: 4th Dan Okinawa Kenpo Karate.

Why Bassai Dai?

It was created by one of the most brilliant martial arts masters of all time, Soken “Bushi” Matsumura.

Matsumura had one of the most difficult jobs of any martial artists in history. As Head Bodyguard to the King of Okinawa, Matsumura and his men were not allowed to carry weapons (by Japanese law), yet they could face superior numbers of heavily armed men. The ultimate “Oh s**t!” scenario.

However, Matsumura was a brilliant (some say fanatical) martial artists. Bassai Dai was his kata. To get an insight into how this brilliant master may have coped with a situation that would over-whelm lesser men, we have to look into the mind of the man himself. The only way we can do that today is to look Inside Bassai Dai.

One of Matsumura’s primary needs would be to ruthlessly incapacitate people very quickly without worrying about locks, restraints or multiple techniques against each opponent (no good when out-numbered). It is probably from this scenario that Karate developed it’s maxim, “Ikken Hissatsu”, meaning “one hit, one kill”. For this reason we refer to what the World renowned teacher, Kevin O’Hagan, refers to as the “ABC of Manstoppers”. This is applying techniques to a few simple specific targets which have a very high percentage likelihood of stopping the most determined and vicious attacker. Sometimes strikes, locks, pressure points have a limited effect on somebody who is drunk, high or just highly adrenalized as they simply don’t feel pain in the normal way. However, Kevin’s ABC system is designed to work in these extreme scenarios and fits hand in glove with Matsumura’s requirement for Bassai Dai.

A = Airways (can’t breath - can’t fight).
B = Blood (stop blood supply to the brain, person passes out).
C = Consciousness (points of high probability to knock an opponent unconscious).

“This DVD delivers a down to earth and realistic look at the often misunderstood Kata of Karate. Simple to follow and easy to understand. It is great to see Charlie Wildish incorporating my ABC system of manstoppers in to his karate, it is must have principle for any serious combat martial artist. Good work Charlie”.
Kevin O’Hagan: 7th Dan Combat JuJutsu, 6th Dan British Combat Association.

As there would likely be superior numbers of men trying to restrain & control Matsumura and his men, they would need generic releases that work well under pressure and quickly turn the tables on the opponent. My own Sensei, Paul Mitchell, (a recognised authority on bunkai within the Traditional Shotokan Karate Association) always teaches that Bassai Dai is a grappling kata. When you look at Bassai Dai with Matsumura’s requirments in mind, releases and escapes where you regain the advantage very quickly are abound in this kata.

When most Okinawans were practicing more circular movements from their Kung Fu influence, Matsumura was one of the main developers of the linear technique with which we are so familiar today. He also taught Ituso and Azato who were Funikoshi’s main teachers and Funikoshi introduced Karate to Japan and from there the world. With Matsumura brilliance and impact on the development of Karate, it is very appropriate that his kata is at the heart of many styles of Karate with many systems using it as their primary kata for black belt gradings.

As Matsumura’s own training was mainly in Chinese based martial arts, it is also appropriate that I have worked with Sifu Keith McKay Cormack’s in producing this DVD, giving you the best insights from both Kung Fu and Karate.


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