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Turning To The Dark Side And Mama Bear!

Why is it that martial arts are said to make us better people, yet we train to hurt, maim and possibly kill other human beings? On the surface, there are many contradictions, but it is a system that makes a lot of sense. Continue reading

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Kevin O’Hagan’s Teaching Diploma

For any serious martial artist: Kevin O’Hagan’s masterclass. Continue reading

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Paul Loughlin’s Child Bullying Self Defence Seminar, & Adults Edged Weapons Seminar

Paul Loughlin, Self Defence Instructor will be teaching this coming Sunday. Check it out. Continue reading

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Kevin O’ Hagan: Combat Jutsu & Manstoppers Course

Kevin O’Hagan’s training reads like a who’s who of reality martial arts. Soon he will be teaching and open course in Bristol (UK). Find out a bit more about him. Continue reading

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