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Fighting Is Not Self Defence

Many argue about the relative merits of different fighting systems, but is real self defence about “fighting”. World leading teacher, Kevin O’Hagan clarifys. Continue reading

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Self Protection: A Lesson From My Student

How some quick thinking by my student got a much larger thug to back of. Good example of self protection. Continue reading

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Teenage Martial Artist Fights Off Would-Be Mugger

I was surprised to see in one of my regional papers today a story about a slightly-built unassuming 15 year old Taekwondo exponent who got the better of a would be mugger. So I thought I’d share it with you. Continue reading

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Truly Inspirational Karate Bunkai

Just seen this on another blog and had to share it.  It features Sensei’s John LiButti and Allan Acosta, (not sure which is which) of the U.S.Kodokan Federation demonstrating some Karate bunkai.  It just goes to show what can be … Continue reading

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Turning To The Dark Side And Mama Bear!

Why is it that martial arts are said to make us better people, yet we train to hurt, maim and possibly kill other human beings? On the surface, there are many contradictions, but it is a system that makes a lot of sense. Continue reading

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