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Interview With Andi Kidd, 4th Dan Karate, Author, Self Protection Expert & All Round Nice Guy

I talk to Andi Kidd about how he has adapted his training and teaching to make it more effective for real world self protection and about his new book, From Shotokan To The Street. Continue reading

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Striving For Perfection: Combat Effectiveness And Spiritual Development

Most traditional martial arts place high importance on perfection of movement. Why should this be when real fighting is far from perfect. This post looks at the advantages of striving for perfection of movement both in terms of combat effectiveness and spiritual development. Continue reading

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Review Of Kevin O’Hagan’s Anatomy Of A Street Assault Seminar

This is not just a list of topics covered on the seminar, it covers some of the very valuable lessons learnt. Continue reading

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Target Hardening Against A Street Predator

Human street predators have a lot in common with animal predators in the jungle. Understanding this psychology actually gives a simple method for reducing the chances of being selected for attack. Continue reading

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New Martial Arts Blog: PhaseShifting

New blog for martial artists who are into reality based self protection and practical martial arts. Continue reading

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