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Kata Bunkai for Shorin Ryu Pinan Shodan (Heian Nidan)

There is much study these days into the practical applications of kata bunkai (forms/patterns). Often it helps to look at older versions of your own style to see how they did things to help you work out whats been changed and why? Continue reading

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What Are The Differences Between Kung Fu & Karate?

Many people compare the Karate and Kung Fu, but don’t really understand the differences. Here’s your chance to get a better understanding of these two great systems. Continue reading

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Shaolin Warriors: European Tour

Shaolin Warriors tour Britain and parts of Europe. Find out more about their backround which the brochures won’t tell you. Continue reading

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The Humble “Yoi”

In traditional martial arts, even the ready position can be used to neutralise an opponent before a fight really gets going. Continue reading

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Dis-Mounting An Attacker

Should you be unfortunate enough to be taken to the ground and end up with some gormless thug on top of you trying to bludgeon the living daylights out of you, we look at some ways of getting them off (so that you can bludgeon them – much more fun). Continue reading

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