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Applied Taekwondo With Russ Martin (Applicable To Karateka Too)

Applied Taekwondo by Russ Martin 5th Dan. Practical applications to basic movements and patterns (In Japanese: kata bunkai). Continue reading

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Kata Bunkai: Counter Arm Locking And Flow Drill

Counting/escaping from an arm bar using movements from the Heian/Pinan katas. Continue reading

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Traditional Shotokan Karate Association: Annual Residential Course 2012

The Traditional Shotokan Karate Association held its annual Residential Course recently. There was a lot of emphasis on practical applied Shotokan Karate and bunkai, this course is well worth looking out for in the future. Find out more about this years course. Continue reading

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Kata And Its Bunkai Is Like A Sword

A useful analogy of kata performed purely for technical excellence and actually being able to apply the kata bunkai. Continue reading

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Adaptive Karate Bunkai With Sensei John Johnston 6th Dan

Sensei John Johnston has his own unique and practical take on Shotokan Karate kata bunkai. Here are a couple videos showing him teaching and demonstrating. Continue reading

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