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John Johnston & Iain Abernethy Applied Karate Joint Seminar Oct 2015

Applied Karate and traditional martial arts seminar with John Johnston and Iain Abernethy Continue reading

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Joint Applied Karate Seminar (John Johnston & Iain Abernethy)

I little while ago I attended this Joint Applied Karate seminar with 2 of the worlds best names in the business; John Johnston & Iain Abernethy. Here are some brief notes from that day. Continue reading

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Practical Kata Bunkai By Iain Abernethy

Iain Abernethy demonstrates some practical Karate kata bunkai Continue reading

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Kata Bunkai: Counter Arm Locking And Flow Drill

Counting/escaping from an arm bar using movements from the Heian/Pinan katas. Continue reading

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Launch Of The World Combat Association

After the outstanding success of the British Combat Association over almost 20 years to bring practical and realistic martial arts to the UK, the WORLD COMBAT ASSOCIATION is now being lauched to give the same support and recognition to pragmatic martial artists all over the world. Continue reading

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