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Karate Bunkai Seminar

The best of kata bunkai from both Wado Ryu Karate and Goju Ryu Karate Continue reading

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Truly Inspirational Karate Bunkai

Just seen this on another blog and had to share it.  It features Sensei’s John LiButti and Allan Acosta, (not sure which is which) of the U.S.Kodokan Federation demonstrating some Karate bunkai.  It just goes to show what can be … Continue reading

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Karate Kata Bunkai: Bassai Dai

Karate kata bunkai for the opening sequence of Bassai Dai, taken from the DVD: Inside Bassai Dai Continue reading

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Karate Bunkai Jutsu Course

This Karate Bunkai Butsu course takes the principles & techniques of Karate and applies them to realistic self defence.
Locks, takedowns and throws are included in this traditional Martial Art alongside the more obvious strikes and kicks. Sensei Mitchell will be teaching practical uses of the everyday moves within Karate from basic techniques through to the more complex kata moves. Continue reading

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What Does An Ore, A Handbag & Half A Brick Have In Common?

It used to be a Karate tradition to use everyday implements as weapons . . . . . why don’t we still do that today? Continue reading

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