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Launch Of The World Combat Association

After the outstanding success of the British Combat Association over almost 20 years to bring practical and realistic martial arts to the UK, the WORLD COMBAT ASSOCIATION is now being lauched to give the same support and recognition to pragmatic martial artists all over the world. Continue reading

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Back To Basics With Al Peasland

The foundation of any martial arts are basics. Al Peasland explains why. Continue reading

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WOW! An Endorsment By Geoff Thompson!

Geoff Thompson, co founder of the British Combat Association, pioneer of reality based martial arts training and author of numerous books has given his endorsement to the newly released DVD, “Inside Bassai Dai”. Continue reading

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Kevin O’ Hagan: Combat Jutsu & Manstoppers Course

Kevin O’Hagan’s training reads like a who’s who of reality martial arts. Soon he will be teaching and open course in Bristol (UK). Find out a bit more about him. Continue reading

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