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Being “Present” (In The Now) And Martial Arts Training

Many self development/spiritual teachers’ talk about “being present” or “living in the now” (which is the same thing really). It’s also part of Zen, which is often goes hand in hand with martial arts. But what does this actually mean, how can martial arts training help you achieve it and what benefits are there for you from both a self protection and everyday life point of view? Continue reading

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Moksu: Does It Actually Have A Martial Application?

Moksu (meditation) is often seen as just clearing the mind from the day’s ups and downs to prepare you for training. It does of course do that, but it can actually represent a lot more. Apart from just clearing the mind, when practiced regularly it can completely silence the mind allowing more clarity of thought and access to your intuition. Continue reading

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How Exactly Is Fighting More Mental Than Physical?

It has been said for centuries that fighting is more mental than physical. How can this be?
Find out one explanation. Continue reading

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