Bassai Dai Kata Bunkai

Realistic Kata Bunkai For Realistic Self Defense

Do You Want To just Practice The Performance of Kata, Or Do You Want Learn How To Use It To Stop A Real World Assailant?

Have you ever been taught how to apply kata bunkai and you just know that what they are teaching simply wouldn’t work under real pressure?

Have you been disappointed by Senior instructors who you look up to and respect perpetuating unrealistic, stylised applications (bunkai) which will only work with a co-operative partner?  Have you ever felt frustrated that many senior instructors have excellent technique, excellent kata, excellent sparring/fighting ability; yet when it comes to Kata bunkai what they are teaching is . . . well . . . nonsense!

Me too!

That’s why years ago I sought out instructors who did actually know what they were talking about; who had real world experience, not just tournament and/or theoretical experience.  I learned about Reality Based Martial Arts and attended seminars in and outside of my own core style.  I also have many friends in other martial arts who have helped me to gain deeper insights into martial arts as a whole.

So when I decided to make the DVD Inside Bassai Dai, I wanted to make sure that the bunkai (applications) were as realistic and pragmatic as possible. I wanted to teach bunkai that people could actually use to defend themselves against un-cooperative real world assailants.  Isn’t that what we originally took up Karate for in the first place?

Furthermore, to give a unique and deeper insight into this beautiful but deadly kata, I invited my friend and Kung Fu Sifu, Keith McKay Cormack to work with me on making this DVD.


The original bunkai intended by the creating Okinawan masters has been lost.  However, the old Okinawan’s masters learnt primarily Chinese martial arts, so it’s obvious that Chinese martial arts holds some of the hidden secrets to what the creating Okinawan masters would have been thinking at the time they created their kata.  Obvious really when you stop to think about it!

wing chun bunkaiThe result is a set of bunkai which contains the best insights and principles from 2 different systems.  The power and directness of Karate blended with the subtlety and close quarters knowledge of Kung Fu, makes this DVD as relevant in today’s world as it would have been back when Bassai Dai was first created.

Inside Bassai Dai teaches real world practical kata bunkai to defend yourself against common street assaults like grabs, throttles, hay-makers, etc., which you should expect in real street self defense scenario’s against seriously vicious attackers (not classical Karate stepping punches).

But don’t take my word for it, see what some very senior martial artist have to say about it (including world renowned Masters Kousaku Yokota (8th Dan), Geoff Thompson and Kevin O’Hagan):-


“Over the holidays I had a very pleasant experience watching on Shotokan bunkai DVD.  It is called Inside Bassai Dai created by Sensei Charlie Wildish, UK.  I found the bunkai in it to be realistic and easy to learn.  He demonstrates how some of the techniques are applied.  I was particularly pleased to see the application for the double uchi uke (inside forearm blocks).  He interprets them as a uke followed by a uraken”.  
Shihan Kousaku Yokota:  8th Dan Shotokan Karate & Author.

“Shotokan has always been my base system, so it was fascinating for me to watch the Charlie Wildish DVD on Bassai Dai, and come away with so much new information about this powerful kata and its origins.  I particularly like the historical element about Sokon Matsumura (who created the kata) and how, when & why he created the “grappling kata”.  I got a lot from this DVD and highly recommend it”.
Geoff Thompson:  7th Dan, co-founder of the British Combat Association, author of 34 books, 5 multi award winning films and BAFTA winner

“This DVD delivers a down to earth and realistic look at the often misunderstood Kata of Karate.  Simple to follow and easy to understand.  It is great to see Charlie Wildish incorporating my ABC system of manstoppers in his Karate.  It is a must have principle for any serious combat martial artist.  Good work Charlie”
Kevin O’Hagan:  7th Dan Combat Ju Jutsu & 7th Dan British Combat Association.

“Imaginative, practical and effective bunkai applications presented in a refreshingly relaxed manner.  It’s as simple as ABC!”
Rob Jones:  5th Dan Shotokai Karate.

“This DVD is a must for any true Karateka who is interested in uncovering the essence of Bunkai and understanding the true meaning of of kata”
Mark Winkler:  6th Dan Wado Ryu Karate and qualified Systema Instructor.

“This video is unpretentious, straight forward, and focused on content instead of flashiness.  As such I feel it does justice to the spirit of Karate”
Matt Apsokardu:  4th Dan Okinawan Kenpo Karate.



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60 Day No-Quibble Guarantee

I’ll give a full no-quibble refund up to 60 days (from the date I post it) if you can honestly tell me that you did not learn anything useful from it.  I realise that some unscrupulous people will take advantage of this guarantee, but I’m relying on your integrity and honour as a martial artist.  All you have to do is return the DVD in its original case and providing it reaches me in good condition then I’ll refund you the full amount (minus the packing & postage cost).
I will also refund or replace your DVD if arrives damaged, but only if you inform me up to 10 days from the date I post it (you should know straight away if it arrives damaged).  I will however expect the DVD to be returned before the refund or replacement is actioned.
(Does not apply to downloads).


PS:   This DVD will take you beyond just a few techniques.  It will show you principles and a mindset where you can work things out for yourself so that you can learn bunkai faster and more efficiently than ever before.


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