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Engage Your Opponents Brain To Increase Their Vulnerability

As you get psyched up, higher brain functions close down and you rely more on the lower, more primitive part of the brain to prepare you for combat. If you can induce an aggressors higher brain functions to kick back in you can interfere with their mental preparation for a fight! Continue reading

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Are Traditional Martial Arts Any Use To Somebody Who Is Being Bullied?

Martial arts can obviously be used to defend yourself against a bully, but there are some limitation which need to be taken into account. Continue reading

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Women’s Self Protection & Raw Power

Dr Ruthless teaches women’s self defence against street preditors. This short video with description shows how surprisingly powerfull women can really be. Continue reading

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Do You Train To Win A Fair Fight?

Most traditional martial arts teach you how to win a fair fight. Anything wrong with that?
Yes, most fights aren’t fair. But it wasn’t always like that. Traditional martial arts did at one time put more emphasis on winning an unfair fight. Continue reading

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The Gift Of “Peacocking”

Peacocking is (amongst other things) another name for aggresive and intimidatory behaviour. There are several methods of defence that you can use when faced with this type of aggression. Continue reading

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