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Review: When The Fight Goes To The Ground (Jiu Jitsu Strategies & Tactics For Self-Defense)

A review of Lori O’Connell’s excellent new book, When The Fight Goes To The Ground. Lori is a 5th Dan Can Ryu Jiu Jitsu. Continue reading

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Kousaku Yokota’s Interactive Cyber Dojo

Many people do online classes, but these are usually pre-recorded videos.  If you have questions, you have to type them in on your key board and wait on the teacher getting back to you. And if you don’t fully understand … Continue reading

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The True Purpose Of Makawara Training & A Review

Many people believe that the main purpose of makawawa training in Karate is to harden the knuckles. Whilst it does obviously do this, this is a secondary function. It has much more to do with correct alignment and body structure than most people ever imaged. Find out more here. Continue reading

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Review: A Killing Art – The Untold History of Tae Kwon Do

This book goes into a detailed history of TaeKwonDo and uncovers many of the myths behind the creation of TaeKwonDo along with the in-fighting and power struggles of the senior masters. A must read for any TKD practitioner. Continue reading

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Review Of Karate Depot Elite Heavyweight Gi

Every now and then, Karte Depot ask me to review something for them. This time they’ve sent me their elite heavyweight gi to try out and report on. Here’s what I thought. Continue reading

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