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Philosophy of Karate and other martial arts

Do You Have A Monkey Mind?

Do you have a “monkey mind”?
What is the “monkey mind”, and how can you overcome it? Continue reading

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Keeping a Beginner’s Mind

A brilliant insight into mindset of a martial artist (my Sensei and Tai Chi teacher) and what we should strive for. Continue reading

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Pre-Emptive Strike: Modern Reality Based Training Or Traditional Karate

Modern masters of reality based training advocate the “pre-emptive strike”. Is this something new, or has it been hidden away in Karate all this time? Continue reading

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Tai Chi: For Advanced Martial Artists

Tai Chi must be the most misunderstood of all the martial arts, yet it is regards by many as being the most advanced form of martial art. How can a form that practices primarily with slow movements really be used for combat?
Find out. Continue reading

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Kata: Training Beyond Technique

A lot is discussed these days about martial arts kata (patterns/forms) and their applications (bunkai). However, there is not so much spoken about mindset of performing a kata, which is some ways is even more important. Find out more. Continue reading

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