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The Art Of Not Giving A S***! (Or . . . Accept As Is)

Many Oriental philosophies talk about mind, body and spirit; as they recognise that the 3 are all intrinsically connected.  For the sake of this post, I’ll be mainly focussing on the mind and body. If one tenses, the other tenses. … Continue reading

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Techniques Will Occur When A Void Is Found: Gichin Funakoshi

There are many quotes attributed to Gichin Funakoshi, but I come across this one the other day in his book, Karate Do Kyohan: The Master Text.  Near the back on page 248 (if you already have it), he says; “Techniques … Continue reading

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Effects Of Adrenalin & Self Protection

Anybody who is interested in self protection should be aware of the effects of adrenalin as it plays an important part of coping with a real confrontation Continue reading

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Emotional Content In Martial Arts And An Interesting Experiment

Being involved in a real fight or self protection incident can be very emotional charged. Bruce famously made the point that we should have “emotional content” in the his film Enter The Dragon”. But what emotions should we have and why? Continue reading

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Developing And Using Intuition For Self Protection

Much is talked about self protection in many different aspects, but not many people talk about how to develop, harness and use your own intuition to guide you through such an incident. Continue reading

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