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Daoist Nei Gong: New Book By Damo Mitchell

July 15th is the official release date for Damo‟s new book on Daoist internal practices. The book contains an overview of the entire process of Nei Gong as it is understood by Damo as well as looking in detail at several important foundational practices. Continue reading

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10 FREE iTune App Downloads To Give Away: Practical Karate – Realistic Street Bunkai

As a promotion for a new iTune App, Apple are giving away 10 promotional codes so that the first 10 people who apply can get a FREE download. Find out more. Continue reading

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Hiki-te Bunkai

Hikite (pull back hand) is probably the most practiced movement in Karate, TaeKwonDo and many styles of Kung Fu. Yet most people don’t see it as having any practical application other than making the striking/blocking hand more powerful. It is actually a very usefull technique in its own right. See the video and make up your own mind. Continue reading

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Tai Chi: For Advanced Martial Artists

Tai Chi must be the most misunderstood of all the martial arts, yet it is regards by many as being the most advanced form of martial art. How can a form that practices primarily with slow movements really be used for combat?
Find out. Continue reading

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Back To Basics With Al Peasland

The foundation of any martial arts are basics. Al Peasland explains why. Continue reading

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