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Fighting Is Not Self Defence

Many argue about the relative merits of different fighting systems, but is real self defence about “fighting”. World leading teacher, Kevin O’Hagan clarifys. Continue reading

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Moving Meditation: Kata/Forms/Patterns

It’s often said that Kata/Forms/Patterns is like moving meditation; but what exactly does that mean? We look here at the aims of meditation and how performing kata can have similar benefits Continue reading

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Spirituality In Traditional Martial Arts

Many traditional martial arts talk of mind body and spirit or spirituality, but what does that actually mean? Continue reading

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Karate Kime (Focus) & Tension At The End Of The Technique

“Kime” is a Japanese word, roughly translated as “focus”.  It is where Karate derives it’s power from at the point of impact of a punching or striking technique.  But how well is it understood? Most people loosely describe achieving Kime … Continue reading

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Taegeuk Poomsae: Childrens Taekwondo?

Much criticism is levelled at the WTF Taegeuk series of Poomsea (patterns) due to peoples misunderstandings. In this post, Orjan Nilsen answers these criticisms and points out how there is in fact a lot of practicality that is not immediately obvious. Continue reading

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