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Sports Guard Vs Self Protection Guard (The Fence)

In this video we look at the pro and cons of the sport guard compared to a self protection guard and expose a few myths. Continue reading

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Reverse Punch With Sliding Step

Adding a sliding step to the reverse punch adds enormously to the amount of impact it delivers as well as being quite deceptive in the range this covers. This video discusses the detail to achieve this sliding step along with applications for competition and self protection. Continue reading

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Effects Of Adrenalin & Self Protection

Anybody who is interested in self protection should be aware of the effects of adrenalin as it plays an important part of coping with in a real confrontation Continue reading

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Repetition And Relaxation Of Your Technique

Every now and then, you get an “aha” moment, when something falls into place.  I had one recently so I thought I’d share it with you. I was on a seminar recently with Sensei David Hooper, an Englishman who has … Continue reading

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John Johnston & Iain Abernethy Applied Karate Joint Seminar Oct 2015

Applied Karate and traditional martial arts seminar with John Johnston and Iain Abernethy Continue reading

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