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Adaptive Karate Blog: With John & Elaine Johnston

John and Elaine Johnston have started up their own blog which will be well worth checking out.  Sensei John Johnston is a 6th Dan Shotokan Karate and the people who he has trained with reads like a “who’s who” of … Continue reading

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The Five Steps of Selling – by Graham Butcher

Most martial artists do not like to consider themselves as “salesmen”. But any interaction with a potential student is a form of sales process. In this post, Graham Butcher explains how to be more successful at converting a potential student into an actual student. Continue reading

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Womens Self Defence Blogging Carnival

This is a blogging carnival where several expert martial art bloggers have come together to pool information on the subject of Women’s Self Defense. Continue reading

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Womens Self Defense: Why It’s Different For Women

What is uniquely different about womens self defense compared to other self defense scenarios and how to handle it! Continue reading

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Interview With John Kelly 4th Dan Shotokan Karate

In 1997 John Kelly nearly lost his life in a serious car accident. Yet he has bounced back to become a 4th Dan, run his own association and even does door work. Read this insightful interview with a truly inspirational Karateka. Continue reading

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