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Kata Bunkai: Counter Arm Locking And Flow Drill

Counting/escaping from an arm bar using movements from the Heian/Pinan katas. Continue reading

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Anticipating How Your Opponent Will Attack!

How do you anticipate HOW an opponent will attack? Should you even try to as it could lead you into more trouble if you get it wrong? Continue reading

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Target Hardening Against A Street Predator

Human street predators have a lot in common with animal predators in the jungle. Understanding this psychology actually gives a simple method for reducing the chances of being selected for attack. Continue reading

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Launch Of The World Combat Association

After the outstanding success of the British Combat Association over almost 20 years to bring practical and realistic martial arts to the UK, the WORLD COMBAT ASSOCIATION is now being lauched to give the same support and recognition to pragmatic martial artists all over the world. Continue reading

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