New Martial Arts Blog: PhaseShifting

My friend Andras Millward has just started up his own blog at:

For those of you who are into reality based martial arts and self protection, this blog will be well worth keeping an eye on for several reasons.

First of all, Andras has a good background in Wing Chun (which is noted for being one of the more practical martial arts) as well as being a qualified FAST (Fear Adrenalin Stress Training) Defence instructor.  FAST Defence is one the best reality based self defence systems for getting very quick and lasting results.  Furthermore, Andras regularly trains (private lessons and seminars) with Kevin O’Hagan and Jamie Clubb who both have international reputations for reality based self protection.

Secondly, Andras is published author and used to be a journalist, so he knows how to write well to put his point across.

His blog is in it’s infancy so there is not much content yet, but it will definitely be worth following, so go across and say hello to Andras at:

I would like to wish Andras every success with this new venture.

2 thoughts on “New Martial Arts Blog: PhaseShifting

  1. Hi
    I can understand why you think that way and would say that you only right in part. A lot of Karate, TKD and Kung Fu have become sport or demonstration oriented; but that is not how they were originally supposed to be. When taught and trained properly they are effective martial arts. Remember, they were designed when people had to fight for their lives, not for points and trophies. Although the approach has changed these days, the blueprint of the real fighting system has been passed down to us in the Kata/Patterns/Forms etc. Many people are re-learning how to apply these arts and part of their influence is RBMA.
    That said, I’ll be the first to agree that many of them have been dumbed down and I’ve been saying that for years. It all depends on how they are actually taught.

  2. I think that the reality based martial arts are the only ones that are practical when it comes to martial arts a a tool for self-defense. Arts that are more for show or demonstration will not be very practical in a fight. I have recently begun learning Krav Maga, and I feel that it is a very strong martial art that is perfectly suited for a street fight. I am debating learning one of the Philippine Martial Arts though, such as Panantukan, to complete the striking element of Krav Maga. But on a tight budget and going to Krav 3 times a week as is it is hard to find the time or the money to take up another martial art.

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