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Congratulations To Paul Mitchell On Attaining His 5th Dan

Paul Mitchell is awarded his 5th Dan in Shotokan Karate by Pete Manning, Chief Instructor of the Traditional Shotokan Karate Association. Continue reading

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Do Our Training Methods Damage Our Bodies? (Part 2)

This post follows on from an earlier popular post, looking it whether martial arts training or good for us, or does it damage our body. Continue reading

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Are Traditional Martial Arts Any Use To Somebody Who Is Being Bullied?

Martial arts can obviously be used to defend yourself against a bully, but there are some limitation which need to be taken into account. Continue reading

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Interview With International Stav Instructor & Author; Graham Butcher

Interview with one of the World’s leading authority’s on the rare and ancient martial art of Stav; international Stav instructor and author, Graham Butcher Continue reading

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In Defence Of Basic Karate/Taekwondo “Blocks”

When many Karate and Taekwondo practitioners accept that our basic blocks do not really work as “blocks”, why do we continue to train and grade with these blocking drills? Continue reading

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