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Shotokan Karate Magazine: My Article & Letter From Reader

After my recent article was published in Shotokan Karate Magazine, I have been forwarded a letter from a reader which raised some interesting points. I have of course replied. Both the letter and my response are reproduced here for your interest. Continue reading

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“Sinking” In Your Stance At The End Of A Technique

In many traditional martial arts we are taught to “sink” into our stance. But why do we do it? Why do so many people struggle with it? And how can we make it easier for ourselves? Continue reading

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Martial Arts Marketing: How to grow your business By Graham Butcher

Advice on how to grow a martial arts business, by Graham Butcher Continue reading

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Sensei Paul Mitchell’s Karate Kata Bunkai

Some highlights from Sensei Paul Mitchell’s recent Karate Kata Bunkai course. Continue reading

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A Private Class With John Johnston, 6th Dan

Report on Sensie John Johnston 6th Dan, private lesson . Having discussed his approach to realistic Karate and kata bunkau for self defence and the Adaptive Karate that he teaches in his seminars, Sensei Johnston was keen to show me in more detail and I was very keen to learn from him. Continue reading

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